book title
3-sentence summary
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1.middle school get me out of here
A guy name leanardo is really popular.Untile he moves to a new school .Than he is so un popular.
merebeth switzers
Eagles have 7,000 feather.Eagles eat fish an small rodeints.Eagles usaly live alone.
3.Playing for keeps,michael jordan
David hallberstam
He won six NBA titles.He did not make the highschool team.When he rentired he went and play baseball for the white sox.Later he went to play basketball and wong another NBA titles.
4.diary of the wimpy kid cabin fever.
jeff kinnady
A kid named gregg wants think of ideas.He starts to think of ideas and they are good like he started shoveling drive ways.You will have to see what happens at the end.
5.flat broke
Gary poulson
a boy wanted money cause his mom calt him lieing so she canceld his alounce.
6.the vorage to the dawn treeader.
c.s lewis
5 kids are just in there friends room when a picture in narnia comess to life and brings the in the picture and they are in water and a huge boat comes and picks them up and puts them in the boat.Then peter and susanne see some people they know from narnia .Then in the midde of the story they all go to look for aslan the leader of narnia and you will have to see what happans at the end of the story and see if they find aslan at the end.
7.Go long.
tiki and ronda.
Tiki and ronda star qb is going to the varsity football team and know they dont have a amazing QB.But suprisinly they go to the championchip with there new QB.Then they make it to the championship game and they win by a little.
8.Magic pickel
scott morse
A super hero named magic pickel has to save the wrld but takeing the the peashooter.He has to beat the strawberry shooter in a battel and blow up his gun.That is what maic pickel dose nand he saves his friend lulu.
CAR - I wonder if this author is related to Sam?
9Goerges marvelous mediine
roald dahl
A kid names goerge ad his mom went shoppng and he had to stay with his grandma he does like her.He sits down and thinks he is gonna make a posin and give it to his grandma.He puts in lotion and he put in toothpaste and oyther things like that.Then he gives vit to his grandma and she growns so big like a giant ans then he has to make a otion to make her smaller and he ds that and she gets smaller.
caroline greenland.
Chimpanzees life in the thickest part of the afeian forest Chimpanzeesbelong in a group called primates,which includes apes and monkeys.Although chimpanzees can walk uprigh,they only so if they are hungery
11.The best christmas pageant ever.
Barbara Robinson
First the herdmans are the worst kids they smoke cigars the beat on little kids and swear.Next they burn down freds tool house.When the hed leader of the christmas pageant breaks her leg she cant lead the christmas pageant.She picks the herdman famliy's mom was pick to lead.So the first resitle was a desaster the the second was to.The herman kids were in it and everybody thought is was a diaster .But the pageant was goood still.
12.San frinsisco 49ers.

Steve young one of 49ers best QBs he came to the 49ers from the Buccaneers in 1985.49ers drafted Vernon davis was drafted in 2006.
13.Bud Not Buddy.
Christopher Paul Curtis
Bud is a foster child so he goes to a family and he is scared and not happy cause his brother could not go to the same family .He has to live with a very mean family the other boy lies that bud started the fight that they got to but the other boy axcely started it.Now the mom made bud go in there shed with tons of hornets in it so he get stung like crazy. Now he runs away and now sleeps in the basement of the library. So he sees his dad in the newspaper so he goes to find his dad in new York city. Cause his real dad is in a band. So he finally finds his dad and they live happily ever after.
CAR - Use capital letter for names, like Bud. Good summary.
14.Derek Jeter
Jason Harrison
He always wanted to be on the Yankees. He followed the Yankees since he was a kid. It said in his child hood he always went to New York to watch the world series with his uncle and aunt and cousins cause they all like the Yankees like him.
15.Cleveland Cavaliers
Marty Gitlin
They drafted LeBron James in 2003.They never won a championship with LeBron. They have a total of three total NBA final's.
16.NFL superstars
Marshall Davidson
Adrian Peterson went to five prowl bowls. Peyton manning been in 12 pro bowls. Tom Brady has three super bowl ring and two super bowl MVP
17.Nfl records
Adam Gillard.
Jason Elam kicked the farthest field goal it was 63 yards. For the most rushing yards in a season Eric Dickerson had 2105 yarhids. Bret Farve threw the most NFL touchdown passes with 497.
18.Tin Box
Ken munro.
Sammy and brain found a tin box shoved in a celler wall.So they try to get it by hitting it with sledge hammer.Then they finnaly get it out.
Mary Jo Reilly.
This story is about mexico.Here is a fact there favorite sport is soccer.The soccer as we know is cald futbol.Another fact is it has a holiday cald dead man rise.
20.The Hobbit
In the begging the hobbit invites the gandolf over for dinner.Then when he comes he invites dwarves..While there at the house they make a plan to raid the treasure hored. At the end the hobbit saves the day.
Gary palsuen.
In the begging brain goes on the air plane and the pilot had a heart attack.Next then he lands the plane in a pond that is shaped like a l.Then he survives and gets picked up by a new air plane.
22.The best of everything basketball book.

Basketball was invented by james naismeth.He played it with a soccer ball and a basket.The university of duke was in the fina1l four 11 times.Steve nash has a career 3439 three pointers.
23.The best book of every thing football.
Shane Fredrick.
Football started 150 years ago.The feild is 100 yds.It is 53.3yds width.
24.Brain westbrook
David robsen
In 2002 was sighned bye the eagles.He went to villinova.Went to super bowl in 2007.
25.John eleway.
Mark stewert
Had 3242 yards.62 percent yards.Broke his ankle in at unc.
CAR - You need to write in complete sentences. Your last couple of entries were not of high quality, but I am happy that you met the 25-book requirement. Now keep reading and get 400 minutes for the month of May! :)